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copper dishes

Copper dishes, Iranian copper products, Zanjan copper


Copper handicrafts are recently made of copper sheet and through hot and cold hammering. In this method an artist uses traditional metal working tools such as hammer and anvil to make the copper dish.

Coppers dishes are among the most beautiful pieces of Iranian handicraft that you can find. You can use these ancient and yet stylish dishes for both food and decoration. Copper is a tough metal and can preserve its original shape once the handcrafter has made the item. More importantly, we offer all the advantages of copper handicrafts at an economical price. Copper dishes are typically layered with tin to make sure that you can use them safely (In industries, it is possible to electroplate the dish as well). However, not all the body is layered with tin. The external body of copper dishes is pure copper so that you can enjoy the astonishing beauty of copper.



The use of copper metal in making copper dishes in Iran has a very long hist or y, which has become popular in recent years, acc or ding to the advice of doct or s and making very stylish and well-shaped dishes.
Since ancient times, Zanjan province has had very skilled and tasteful coppersmiths and artisans in the field of making copper vessels.

We are a copper container manufacturer and supplier of copper sheet and copper dust with the best quality available in the Iranian copper market


We produce a wide variety of copper dishes, including the following

The benefits of copper utensils for the body, Zanjan copper, copper wire, copper pollen, copper sheet

، cupric pot، copper pot، Tianche Messi، Copper bowl and cup، copper kettle، copper pitcher، copper mug، copper pan، Copper baby pot، copper kettle، copper teapot، copper samovar، Copper spoon and f or k، copper tray، copper plate، Copper nut eater، Copper sweets، Copper fruit eater، and ...

copper pot, copper pot, copper container manufacturers in Iran

Apart from the above products, in what field do we operate

Production of copper dishes, copper pots, copper pans, copper sheets

We are also active in the supply and supply of copper sheets, copper dust, copper rivets, tin metal f or tin plating copper dishes, copper wire, buying and selling copper waste, copper cathode.

Also, we are ready to cooperate and trade in the field of imp or t and exp or t of copper products, copper waste, cathode and copper wire with traders outside Iran.


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All traders outside of Iran who are active in the field of copper metal, copper wire, copper waste, copper cathode, copper sheet, copper powder, copper containers, etc., can send us an email or send a message on the WhatsApp program. Contact us by calling the above phone number or   sending a comment in the comments section.

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